Paper submission guidelines



  • Complete papers have to be submitted not later than 1st March 2022. The papers which arrive after specified date will not be taken into consideration for publishing.
  • The papers must be in ENGLISH.
  • All papers are subject to review, and only the papers accepted by 2 reviewers will be published in Thematic Proceedings of international importance (in accordance with the current rules for M14 category).
  • There may not be more than 2 authors per one paper and each author/co-author can have only 1 paper. Repeating the same authors/co-authors is not allowed.
  • Your paper must contain at least two self-citations per author regarding the following categories: (1) a scientific journal of international importance or (2) thematic proceedings or (3) a monograph of either national or international importance (for authors from Serbia - at least two self-citations per author of categories M20 or M10 with confirmation from the competent ministry or M40 with confirmation from the competent ministry).


submits completed and technically prepared paper by clicking the


 The Future of Tourism

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