• Drago Cvijanović Faculty for Tourism and Hotel Mnagament, Univesity of Kragujevac
  • Tamara Gajić University of Business Studies, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management
Keywords: Tourism, development, South Bačka District


There are many discussions in the world about the influence of tourism and its importance in the overall economic development, from different perspectives and with different assessments. Vojvodina's tourism, and therefore the South Bačka District, has not yet reached the satisfactory level of development, nor has it had a visible impact on economic development. The development of the tourist industry largely depends on the perception of the local population, and it has been a more and more prominent topic in the world of research. The authors have attempted to investigate the attitude of the local population in some cities in the South Bačka District, about the current level of tourism development, the importance and benefits of its further development in South Bačka. The authors used the method of survey research, and data processing was performed in SPSS model, program version 21.0. The obtained results indicate the confirmation of the starting hypothesis and the possible positive impact of tourism on the development of the investigated areas.


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