• Naume Marinoski Faculty for tourism and hospitality – Ohrid
  • Ivanka Nestoroska Faculty for tourism and hospitality – Ohrid
Keywords: tourism, development, protected areas, Mavrovo, planning


Tourism development in Mavrovo is based on the optimal use of tourist resources for which tourism has particular importance because its developmental potentials are remarkable. It is a factor of socioeconomic progress by accelerating economic, social and cultural development.

Inclusive tourism planning enables evaluation and use of the resources in a sustainable way both in the natural and cultural spheres. Mavrovo is characterized by the presence of typical configuration and widespread natural values that enable it to acquire credentials of protection of the highest rank in the country.

In addition, there is a significant cultural, historical and ethnographic heritage. Such complexity suggests that the development of tourism should rely on the use of authentic values. They should be the basis of the tourist offer and the creation of recognizable tourist products which in the performance of the tourist market will have successful acceptability for tourist clients from the country and abroad.


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