• Cane Koteski University Goce Delcev, Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics in Gevgelija
  • Marija Magdincheva-Shopova University Goce Delcev, Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics in Gevgelija
Keywords: SMEs, basin, the Crna Reka, tourism, innovative approach


Modern and dynamic working conditions indicate a challenge for SMEs that are characterized by the ability to quickly adapt to change, opportunities and consumer needs. The subject of research in this paper focuses on perceiving the impact of SMEs in the development of tourism in the area of the Crna Reka basin. From geographical point, the Crna Reka passes through 13 municipalities in the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia and covers an area of 4869.72 km2. Natural beauties, clean environment, monasteries, manifestations, traditional food, and local resources preconditions tourism development throw the SMEs in this region.

The subject of research in this paper is focused on perceiving the need for applying an innovative approach in creating an original tourist offer. Through the analysis, the basic hypothesis will be confirmed that the SMEs are promoters of tourism development in this region.


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State Statistical Office - Published data on Decembar 30, 2018 and Decembar 31, 2018.

(Law of Trade Companies, No.28/04)

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