• Svetlana Ignjatijević Faculty of Economics and Engineering, Management
  • Jelena Vapa-Tankosić Faculty of Economics and Engineering, Management
Keywords: consumer’s perceptions, medical treatment in Serbia, consumption of medical tourism services, medical tourism


The subject of the research is to determine which respondents’ perceptions regarding the main features of legal, economic, sociological, cultural, historical and natural characteristics of the Republic of Serbia predict the selection of Serbia as a desirable destination for providing medical tourism services. In this paper, a survey method was used on a sample of 365 respondents. The majority of respondents in the sample were at the age group of 41-50 years of age, almost equally represented by men and women, with the highest percentage of the average income ranging from €2,001-4,000, who finished secondary school and faculty, married, speaking mostly English, Norwegian, Italian and German. The statistical method applied was Paired Paired-Samples T Test, Factor analysis, and Logistic Regression. An analysis of the above findings points to the conclusion that foreign patients, users of medical tourism services, are not sufficiently informed about Serbia as a medical tourism destination, having mostly negative or insufficiently positive perceptions. The findings indicate that perceptions of the quality of human resources in tourism, such as medical staff politeness, quality education, and good living conditions can positively influence the desirability of Serbia as a medical destination.


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